Monday, November 23, 2009

supermarket sweep

on saturday jonas, his grammie, and i braved the world. we decided to go shopping at not only hobby lobby but also walmart. on a saturday. before thanksgiving.

we may not be the brightest, but we sure are cute.

anyway. hobby lobby was bumper to bumper traffic inside. but there were necessities! NECESSITIES! jonas NEEDED his first christmas stocking. and stocking holder. and things for his baby mobile i'm making (even though he's almost seven months old).

so we trudged through, and made it out alive. jonas (with aide from the grams) re-hydrated himself on the short drive to wal-mart. and thank god he did. because he was going to need every ounce of strength.

wal-mart was insane. not quite the day after thanksgiving sort of crazy, but you can imagine the saturday BEFORE thanksgiving madness. and to make it ALL THE MORE FUN, jonas decided that he was sleepy. very sleepy. VERY SLEEPY.

so there i was, in my own episode of supermarket sweep.

9 boxes of cream cheese? check.
3 tubs of sour cream? check.
1 box graham crackers? check.
3 boxes of instant banana pudding? che-OMG WHERE'S THE PUDDING?

that's right. my perfect score was totally ruined by three damn boxes of instant pudding. were they in the baking aisle? no. were they in the "confectionery" areas? NO.

do you want to know where they were? where THREE BOXES OF BANANA PUDDING CAN BE FOUND IN WAL-MART?

try the canned meat aisle.

wtf. someone in wal-mart's planning team just had to have a giggle fit over that one, imagining the poor loser searching in vain for banana pudding only to have it be next to the spam.

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