Friday, November 20, 2009

plaid delight.

i know that this might come as an utter and total shock to you...but i'm not domestic. and it's not like i'm just not good at cooking. or baking. or cleaning. or laundry. i equally suck at all of them.

people, i've ruined canned tomato soup. apparently if you want to jazz it up with a spice, it's not the best idea to forgo looking at labels and pick your spice solely on color. because then you end up sweating while eating your soup, trying to convince your (then) fiance that it's just expired and that's why it's SO DAMN HOT...instead of him finding the "red spice" that winded up being cayenne pepper.

it's quite an accomplishment.

that all said, i think that i must have been delusional when i offered to bake 2 cheesecakes and a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. you know, to give my grandma a break. and when my mom said,"how about you make a new york style cheesecake!"

i said,"SURE!!"

and right after i uttered that one simple word, i immediately felt like one of those sorority girls who wakes up one morning with a massive headache, only to see facebook photos of their poor choices from the night before.

this was bad news.

so i did a little research. i found a recipe for new york style cheesecake, and decided that it was best for everyone involved if i made a "test" cake. you know, just incase it ended up being poisonous or something. i didn't want to be the one to take out three different parts of my family in a 2 day span.

i baked, i mixed, i crushed graham crackers.

and i'd be all but lying if that was not probably the best tasting cheesecake i have ever had. like, i'm the queen of this cheesecake. the master.

i da man. who da man? yes, yes i da man.

(excuse me, i have to get my kanye-sized ego head a little release).


Tara. said...

WOOT! You go, girl!
You know, you can buy Cheesecake filling, add it to a pie crust and let it firm up in the fridge, right? Just sayin'.
Love-from one non-Betty Crocker to another.

wendy said...

haha tara! my grandma makes the no-bake cheesecake every.single.time. and it's okay. i actually love it. but the others, they grow restless.