Sunday, November 8, 2009

264,960 minutes in heaven


you are six months old today. or, you know...264,960 minutes and counting. or 185 days. or something like that.

not that i'm counting or anything.

unless another one shoots from your gums in the next few seconds, you currently have FOUR dazzling (and omg, seriously, little razorsharp) teeth. you have brought me to tears a few times simply by taking a quick chomp as my finger went by your face.

i think my favorite (or, maybe one of my favorite) things that is just a "mommy and monster" time thing is our mornings. every morning, i hear you cooing and laughing, and talking to your blankie and the dots that are on your bedding. and every morning, i sneak into your room and say "jooooo-nas. good morrrrrning!"

and you turn to look at me, collapse from your hands and knees pose onto your belly, and kick your legs and wave your arms SO fast, squeeling. and then i scoop you up, change your rank (and do i mean RANK) diaper, and we go sit in the big green chair, smothered in blankets, and drink a bottle while we watch the today show. you'll finish your bottle, and then just sit there, clutching the edge of the blanket, completely soaking up what matt and meredith have to say.

you love to eat, and you love to eat when we do. sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, applesauce, peas, green beans, lima beans, mango, oatmeal...and you had turkey for the first time today. you live for food. which is pretty evident in your incredible rolls on your thighs. people ask me what happened to my skinny baby, and I just have to say two words: sweet potatoes.

you are all about sitting unsupported and getting on all fours. you "swim", kick your legs, and wiggle with the best of them. you love grabbing puppies when they least expect it, and clutching your bottle as if it were your source of oxygen.

you amaze us daily. you are more and more fun for your daddy, and that makes me so happy. it's so much fun to see your personality come out more each day...and I'm not sure if the world is ready for how dynamic you are.

we love you. wholey and completely.


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