Tuesday, October 6, 2009

two-headed beast.

have you ever had a dream that was so vivid that when you awoke...you weren't quite sure what was reality?

yeah, me too.

so a few nights ago, i was laying in bed with jonas, just playing and having fun. i decided to check my email via my iPhone, and saw that our preacherman had sent me an email titled "twins".

perplexed, i opened it, only to see TWO jonas's. picture after picture of TWO babies who looked like jonas, in coordinating outfits, flooded the screen on my phone. and slowly, i began to remember having a SECOND baby, jonas's twin. and for a while i couldn't remember his name, but it later came to me (ezekiel james) and then the memories of THIS child spewed into my mind.

but i was so wrapped up in jonas that i had completely neglected this other baby. a baby that had done nothing wrong, that looked just like the child i had in my arms. john then came into the room, i told him i just realized that we had twin boys, and he said that it rang a bell. so he grabbed jonas, went to the nursery, and got ezekiel, and we snuggled with him. because apparently we can only show love to one baby at a time?

when i woke up, i was shaken. and i was a little unsure about the whole situation. i mean, i didn't remember having a second baby (but clearly, i had also forgotten about him in my dream-reality).

so i might have spent a few minutes checking the house, just to make sure that there wasn't some poor baby ezekiel fending for himself while jonas got all of the love.

i clearly haven't slept lately.

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