Monday, October 5, 2009


thanks to heather for the tag!

seven things about me that most people don't know.

1. i am terrified of bugs, especially spiders. and yes, i know that spiders aren't bugs. get over it. which in itself isn't weird. i just can't kill them. and instead of killing them, i've been known to use a can of hairspray in attempt to freeze them in time. or something.

2. if i read it, i will remember it. if i see or hear a number, code, or something like that, i will remember it. if i had a class with you EVER, i will remember where you sat. i'm creepy. i know.

3. i cannot stand the sensation of tape getting stuck on my fingers. christmas time is like a tiptoe-ing through a minefield.

4. i love serial killers and cults. the more i can know about them, the happier i get. i'm creepy, i know.

5. i cannot cook from a recipe to save my life. but i do pretty well just winging it.

6. i met my husband while we both were working at the overly expense store, express. i knew instantly that he was the boy of my dreams. however, i think the only real conversations we had were about tattoos and the time i thought he was trying to do tricep pushups. he wasn't.

7. i sleep best with the tv and/or the lights on. i think it's because the dark scares me.

and i'm totally breaking the rules, but i don't feel like tagging anyone! so if you want to do it, knock yourself out :) and if not, that's cool too!

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