Friday, October 30, 2009


last night i had a nightmare.

i was playing with jonas, and he stuck one of my fingers into his mouth. but instead of feeling the 3 sharp baby teeth (THREE. TEETH. IN MY CHILD'S HEAD. ALMOST FOUR. OMG.) that should be there, i felt many, many teeth. like, 12.

i had never realized they had come in, i felt like this horrible mother who doesn't notice that her child went from THREE to TWELVE teeth seemingly overnight. and hadn't even BRUSHED them yet.

it was scary. i'm not sure why it was so nerve-wrecking, but i woke up with a start, breathing hard.

freakin' teeth.

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Alli said...

I always have nightmares that I've decided to go back to school and I spend a whole day in classes only to realize that I forgot to arrange for childcare for my kids and they must all be at home by themselves, and have been all day! I FREAK OUT when I wake up from that one.