Monday, October 26, 2009

i wanna be in the show, ricky.

we spent this weekend with our amazing friends at the lake in checotah, oklahoma. and being that we spent three days there, sooner or later i was going to need to take a shower.

so saturday morning, tired of smelling like baby goo and smoke, i decided that all i needed was a long, hot shower to make the world okay again. so i enter the bathroom, undress, and then realize i have no freaking idea how to work this shower.

not a problem. i'm an intelligent person. i've got this.

i finally figure out that you have to turn the water on first, then pull really hard on this little tab-like thing...and then the actual shower part works. only, it's not a gentle cascade of water, it's a full-blown firehose stream of water shooting at your head.

again, not a problem. i'm an intelligent person. i've got this.

so, while naked in the shower, water coming at my face 90 mph, i put my hand on the showerhead to try to adjust the water. only the options are apparently 90 mph directly at your head, 85 mph and on the ceiling, or 110 mph and taking out the left side of your body.

only, it took me about 6 attempts to finally figure out that there was no gentle cascade. and then i realized that this whole time, there was a 6 inch section of curtain that WAS NOT CLOSED. so after selecting the best choice (90 mph and directly at your head) and fully blasting any dirt particles off of me, i exited the shower to find that one entire side of the bathroom was completely soaked.

it was then that i realized what lucy must have felt like everyday. and i could have really used ethel to help clean that mess up.

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