Friday, October 2, 2009


i've mentioned a few times before here, but i wish that people showed more gratitude to police officers.

can you tell i'm married to a cop?

simply put, the average person thinks crappy thoughts about police officers. they "hate the cops" because they got a ticket. they smart off to them. they flip them off. they call them pigs.

and the truth?

cops are underpaid. they work LONG hours. with little to no gratitude. they work crap hours. they miss holidays. they miss birthdays. they miss simple things like sleeping in the same bed as their spouse, eating meals with their family, and being able to worship their God at church.

last night, there was a shooting in our small city. our friend, one of john's very good friends, was shot at. it's an absolute miracle that neither of the officers involved were harmed in any way.

and the bad guy? he's dead.

so the next time you get pissed about that speeding ticket you got, think about that officer. think about his family. his wife. his kids. and think about the sacrifice that they are willing to make every. single. day. to protect YOU.

and after you think of that, turn to them, and say "thank you".


DeMo said...

Thanks, John. And you're great too, Wendy, for being a supportive wife to him. I'm not living in Your City anymore, but I can send thanks from Kansas.

We had something similar happen on Monday. Being a cop is dangerous work.

Heather in Texas said...

I tagged you for the 7 facts blog post.