Thursday, October 8, 2009



five. that's how many months you are. last week while at work, a patient asked me how old you were. i said only five weeks. and then i hit myself over the head because lawsie, you are so past five weeks it's not even funny.

you recently passed the 20 week mark. the last time you were 20 weeks, you looked like this:

and now, just past 20 weeks, who would have thought you'd look like this?

you're getting so very big. you can still wear some size one shoes, and for sure some size two. you're sittin' pretty in your size two diapers. you are officially an eating champ, and i plan on entering you in next years hot dog eat contest. you LOVE bananas and sweet potatoes, do well with avacado, pears, carrots, and mango, and give me the stink eye when i cheerfully show you the wonders of green beans. you only drink from a bottle now, and you FREAK OUT when there's any sort of bottle shape around you. because YOU NEEDED IT TEN MINUTES AGO, HELLO, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?

you're a master creeper. wait, that came out wrong. you're a master at creeping. you can get yourself across a room in several minutes. which is honestly pretty impressive, if i do say so myself.

you've fallen head over heels with puppies, and no puppy is safe from your iron grasp. zeusy is trying to be tolerant, but seriously, he hates having to sit and let you squeal the highest pitch squeal this side of the mississippi while you LEAP for him.

your great grandparents are getting you a guitar for christmas, because you go nuts when you see one on tv. sadly, this means that you'll inherit MY musical talent (for i was the same way when i was just a babe...only with elvis). and my friend, i seemed to have missed the musical gene.

i'm really glad that we socialized you with others since day one. i like to think that it's help you adapt to being held by others, knowing that it's safe. i am dreading the whole "seperation anxiety" stage that's supposed to happen in the next few months, because you're heavy thankyouverymuch,sweetpotatoes and it's incredibly nice that you have lady friends at church who whisk up out of my arms the second we cross the threshold.

i always said that i'd be the mom who wouldn't think that their child was the center of the universe. and i have failed miserably. while you certainly have your flaws, my lord, you are cute. incredibly cute. and your hair? it makes me laugh. and your eyes? they make my heart melt. and your smile? that gummy, drooly smile? well, that just kills me.

jonas, i know that i say this every time, but we love you so much. you have changed our lives so much in such a short amount of time. sometimes there's frustration, other times there are tears. but underneath all of that is love, love, love.


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