Saturday, October 24, 2009


we're at the lake this weekend with our dearest, closest friends. it feels so good to be around them again. these are the people we consider aunts and uncles to our child, these are the people that we love.

it's just so easy.

isn't great to have those people? the ones who always have your back, never create drama in your life, people you can trust with your deepest thoughts without fear of being analyzed or criticsized.

I've just started stepping into some new relationships with others, who are people like this. Candice, for example, is someone i can feel comfort and love towards because she strives to be this incredibly beautiful soul. she's geniuine, lovely, and drama free. she gives her all with no expectationof a return, and listens to you without trying to fix you.

she is my sort of people.

it makes life so much nicer when you cut the fat, the superficial, the hurtful. by starting that process, I've learned so much.

sigh. my people.

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