Sunday, September 27, 2009


that is what i sound like today. RAHH. just imagine it as a fire-breathing dinosaur. why, might you ask am i this close to devouring a city of peasants?

this is why.

oh sure. he may look all cute and cuddly.

but it's all an evil ploy.

you see, he lures you in with these squishable cheeks, those big, big eyes, and that sweet little hair-do.

but then he is awake all night because his toofers are hurting him, squeels at an unbelieveable pitch, and then poops. out. of. his. diaper. up. to. his. neck...twice.

blegh. how can you be mad at that?


Rotten said...

Look how bog he's getting! WOW! SO adorable!

tara. said...

Oh my! He's just scrumptious!!

Kim J said...

What a QTPA2T!!