Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the power of poo

my child has never been shy about poop.

good morning to you, too.

i used to hear all the time about the "poop face". you know, the red cheeked, strained neck, little grunts that you'd witness when your child was needing to, well, poop.

and yet, jonas...not so much. i'm serious. he'll pass some incredible gas, look over his shoulder, look at me, and then giggle. which is more proof than any DNA test could provide that yes, he's john's child.

but the poop. the terrific poop. it's just getting out of hand.

you all probably remember "the great poop incident" that occurred earlier this year, where we were trapped in the backseat of a beetle, and barely made it out alive. it may have been recently surpassed by what is known simply as "exersaucer of doom".

on sunday afternoon, jonas was minding his own business, bouncing in his exersaucer with great glee. because he had just had lunch (sweet potatoes...yum!) he was only wearing a diaper and a great, toothless grin.

after a few minutes, however, my nose began to twitch. something, my friends, was not smelling so cute. looking at the only culprit in the room, i quickly realized that he had pooped. a lot.

he had pooped so much, in fact, that after retrieving him from the exersaucer (of doom) he had poop not only in his diaper, on his chest, up to his neck on his back, but also all the way to the bottom of his chubby little feet. he was a virtual pooey monster.

after gagging a few times (on both of our parts), he was cleansed, and the poopy exersaucer of doom was set aside.

oh, the horrors!


Tina said...


That is so funny....your little poop monster...

I am now following your blog...come by and follow mine!


Tara. said...

Exersaucers, diapers and soft poop don't mix well at all. I'm sorry you had to discover that the hard way! But listen carefully-there will be more to come! So, BEWARE!

This PSA was brought to you today by Tara.


Rebekah said...

Lol! Amelia quite enjoyed pooping anytime we put her in the jumperoo. I'm thinking the standing position makes it easier or something. It was pretty much a guarantee that if I put her in it she would poop...

Silvy said...

yea parker poops every time he is in the exersaucer, jumperoo or bumbo (out the back of his diaper). it is so terribly gross.

Heather in Texas said...

He's a super pooper!