Monday, September 21, 2009

i spy with my little eye...

several weeks ago, jonas was with me at the office, waiting for his great grandparents to pick him up. one of my co-workers looked at him and said "he looks just like a little gnome!!"

and so it hit me...that's what jonas was going to be be for halloween. just watch this, and replace the name david with jonas.

i've already made his little red gnome hat (with big white beard!), his brown belt, and am going to dye a long-sleeve onesie blue.

cuteness overload, for sure!


Silvy said...

aww jonas the gnome! i can't wait to see pics!

haha yea james randomly tried out for rogers pd. i can't answer for him, but i'm pretty sure he's committed to firefighting for a while and is enjoying it. his brother is a cop so i think he tried out just to see how he would do.

that would be fun if our husbands worked together though!!

Alli said...

SO.CUTE. Seriously, I must see pictures! :)

Stephanie said...

seeee... i know too many women who become pregnant right after they get married to think it couldn't happen to me too! and you just make it look like so much fun :) i mean.. a GNOME? how cute. (but yesterday afternoon i found out how un-pregnant i actually am.)