Monday, September 14, 2009

growing up is hard to do

inspired by silvy, i've started loosely thinking about jonas's first birthday party.

i know. he's only four months old. but do you know the competition he's going to have to have a party? his birthday will be on a saturday, but we already know TWO other babies who are born the day before jonas was, and frankly, i'm afraid we will have to offer some pretty sweet gift bags to sway people to come to jonas's party. you know, sort of like the celebrity grab bags?

anyway, i am pretty sure that i'm wanting to do guessed it, MONSTER theme. i mean, he IS our little monster. and he's just so stinking cute.

i think that i can make this cake for everyone, and a smaller "smash" cake for him to go nuts with.

anyway, i think i'm going to start collecting "ideas" for the future birthday blowout (hopefully not pooey) 2010!


Rebekah said...

I started "planning" Amelia's birthday when she was around 6 mo. I say there is no harm in getting the rough idea formed and ready. I have a folder of bookmarked links for all the supplies I'll need for her ladybug party and just have to wait until my husband imposed wait is over to buy it all. =)

Alli said...

Oh, yeah, I've already started thinking about Evie's first birthday and started looking at cake ideas several weeks ago (my mom makes all the kids' birthday cakes). The monster theme is SO CUTE! I might have to steal that idea for Marc-Adam's birthday next month. ;) It's hard to find theme ideas for boys that aren't character related!

Silvy said...

aww thanks for the shoutout!

i love that monster cake! it is so fun. and the nice thing about making a monster cake is that you can't really mess it up because it is supposed to look like a monster!

parker will come to jonas' party if he is invited. so you have 1 guest for sure! :)

p.s. that is awful/hilarious about your boss. hopefully he had a good attitude about walking in on you.

Diana said...

What a cutie!