Tuesday, September 8, 2009

four months


today you are four months old. and you are absolutely fabulous.

i mean it. your personality is coming through more and more each day, and you're very much the chuckler. you crack yourself up looking in the mirror, playing with your (borrowed) exersaucer, playing with your toys. you love to play "rocket ship" with your daddy. and you love doing things by yourself.

i don't know WHERE you got THAT stubborn streak.

nope, not a clue.

anyway, you are all about doing things yourself. like getting on your hands and knees. like grabbing the spoon away and putting it in your mouth. and so very much more.

like i've said earlier, we've been practicing sitting up. and i really think you're doing awesome! you can hold your own for a while before you topple, and i always catch you. well. almost always. there was that one time last sunday where you were sitting up for SO LONG and i started to praise you really heavily. you puffed your chest up with pride, slide a big smile across your face, and sat straight up! with perfect posture! all the way until you lost balance and went like a plank of wood straight back onto the blanket.

trying to use my best "oh yeah!! you fell down! and it's okay! seriously!!" voice that works pretty well with toddlers was quickly lost on you. you have some sort of delayed reaction when you are startled, because it was a full 10 seconds before this huge pouty lip stuck out, your eyes disappeared, and you started to cry (without making any noise).

drama queen.

and i don't know WHERE you got that trait either.

probably your father.

anyway, jonas, i wanted to let you know that you constantly amaze us. you're this fantastic little person...and we cannot wait to see who you become. because so far, my little monster, it's been an incredible journey.


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