Thursday, August 6, 2009


i'm just going to be completely honest. when i get online, wanting nothing more than to read some of my favorite blogs and they haven't updated in a few days...well, it's not pretty. there's clothes ripping, gnashing of the teeth, and scraping my skin with rocks, asking "WHY GOD!? WHY?!"

and then i go back to my own blog and realize that it's been a week (or, you know, 5) since i've written anything. it's not like i have a ton of readers (hi mom!), but it's odd how you can quickly feel like you owe the 7 people in the world who read your blog some material.

so, you're welcome.

i wish i had an excuse for neglecting my know, like that i was contacted to be a professional mommy blogger and can't write until the contract is done, i was running for senate, finding a cure for the hangnail.

but alas. i have nothing. i'm a poor, poor example of a blogger. and for that, i will forever apologize.


yesterday my dad asked me if i thought that being a parent was what i had envisioned it to be. and to be honest, i'm constantly torn between being completely surprised that we're all still alive and thinking it's a cake walk. you know what i mean, right?

there are days where i am completely defeated. the monster cries, i can't stand to change one more diaper, and it seems like every article of clothing i own is covered in vomit, poo, or pee.

and then there is every other day. the days where i feel like i'm actually sort of winning at this mom-thing. the days where jonas's face lights up when he sees me. the days where i watch jonas and john talk to each other. when zeusy licks jonas's foot and he smiles. the nights where he sleeps through the night, when he nuzzles up against me, when he's so intrigued with his toys.

those are the days, my friends, where i feel like charlie bucket, shouting "i've got the golden ticket!" while running and dancing in the streets of london.


jonas is quickly growing up and out of what john considers "acceptable baby clothes". he's in that weird awkward stage where things are either a great length and horribly baggy, or fit around the body perfectly, but there's a permanent wedgie up my son's butt.

he's almost 3 months old (on the eighth, actually), and is one day closer to being 13 weeks old. i catch myself every friday lost in this cloud that X amount of weeks ago i was in labor. that i was busy bringing life in this world. and then i harvest my corn on facebook's 'farmtown'.


on the marriage's going so very well. it's not like i've thought our marriage was ever in trouble, but like any relationship, there's going to be tense times (especially in that first year of marriage). but lately...lately i've never felt more honored than to be married to john. i've felt more confident in myself and where we are going in life. and i think it's partially because i've tried so hard lately to become more submissive to john.

it's not like he's the master of this house. it's not like he bosses me around. but for me it means that he is the head of our family, and i have faith that he will make the decisions that will make us thrive. it means that i am respecting him with all that i am, and in turn, his love and affection has increased even more than before. and in turn, i'm able to respect him more, which brings more love.

it's like a giant squishy circle of love and respect.


i think that's all i have right know, until i do the whole "show us your life" thing later tonight.


Alli said...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling like it's GREAT some days and AWFUL others. That doesn't get better even after the 4th least not for me.

Kim J said...

Hey.. your MOM isn't the only one that reads this blog.. so keep it up, girly girl!! haha.

The bible says that the Man is supposed to be the head of the household and the women are supposed to do what he says. I don't know the text, but I know it says it. look it up in your spare time! hardy har har.. I'm so funny, aren't I.

I'm really glad you are happy! You deserve to be.

love you

Life with Kaishon said...

This is such a great post. And so honest. Sometimes I go to blogs and everything is SO CHERRY PICKING perfect I just want to scream. I mean, honestly, life is not all creamy and wonderful 24/7! The most important thing is that we are learning and growing and having fun on the journey. No one has to be perfect, right? What fun is perfect? : )

Your baby looks ADORABLE : ) Congratulations on being a new mommy! I think you described it perfectly. It is a perfect mix of days. Highs and Lows all jumbled together!