Monday, August 31, 2009


can i just proclaim my love for google reader?


i've always had you, just never utilized you...until now. i love how crisp everything is, how it knocks out all ads (damn those distractions!), and how i can still read my favorite blogs all in one place.

i think i also love how no one profits from it...not dooce, not the pioneer woman, not perez. i mean, shoot. i love reading them, but do they really need 2 cents from me every time i come to their site?


so god bless the google reader. for it is so very, very good.


Jasmine said...

trouble maker ;)

I love google reader too. Except I sometimes forget that I have it.

Also you should check out she is amazing.

DeMo said...

Google Reader is amazing. It's easy to get depressed though when your unread count looks something like this: (440). Maybe yours will never reach that point. I agree about being able to read blogs without providing profits.

wendy said...

um...not trying to be a trouble maker in the least. i just hate ads that much.

i'm anti-ads on blogs because they KILL my attention span. and it's like i'm my own little robin hood--the rich don't get richer, but my poor eyes get happier.

Jasmine said...

bah! I was joking. Just joshin' around.

How ya doing?


Anonymous said...