Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i think people like dooce have really made all other mom's (or people) who blog think that they're the next rising star in the blogosphere.

i'm not going to lie, it makes me happy to see new followers, comments from strangers, bigger blog stats each day. it really does. and it's not like i'm even a good writer. i are from arkansas n spellin n stuff like that is hard.

but seriously. i write like stinky, stinky poo, but think that i'm entitled to this huge readership and an invite to the blogHer conference and endorsement deals and pretty soon i'll be trying to get on the today show. because people who write one huge sentence like that last one DESERVVVVVVVE it.

maybe it'd help if i had ads on my blog. i have friends who have it on their blogs, and it's their choice to do so. personally, i'm too anal about making sure that my layout is crisp looking, and ads distract me and annoy me a little. plus, the google ads? ugh. i enjoy how they try to pick-up on your blog , but damnit if you don't blog about a great new recipe for bread when you suddenly have ads for vagisil up and down your blog. and while knowing my options on anti-yeast infection meds is important, so is being able to read a blog without gagging on the content of the ads.

because reading what i write should induce vomitting on its own.

sigh. i need some doritos.


Alli said...

You make me I said on my blog a while back, many more people should be reading you.

And I agree about the ads, they annoy me. A blog has to be really really really good for me to keep reading it if they have ads. But that's just my preference.

Sadie said...

I have, more than once, mentioned that I aspire to be like dooce. And while some people find that silly (several people have laughed at me or thought I was kiddding when I said that) I'm serious. The idea of self-publishing is pretty incredible, and women besides dooce have done some big things that started out with their blog.

I think I have a story to tell, and I am a good writer.

That being said, I'm really really proud of The Brokins and Sadiemama. Jasmine has worked super hard on The Brokins page, and we both have worked on the writing part. I have worked hard on Sadiemama for almost two years now.

All that to say, these are things we work at and put ourselves into. It's personal and we are trying to reach goals we have set for ourselves. So whether you meant it or not, this was hurtful.

wendy said...

Dude, Sadie, I think you are an incredible writer. And I enjoy reading both of your sites--and have pointed people to both (including the chick who happened to post above you).

I love the dooce, and I probably read most of the big mommy bloggers blogs, both for their style and their experiences. I don't read blogs I don't like. I wouldn't read my own, but I'm stuck with it.

I wrote this in response to a forum that one popular mommy blogger has where other (non-famous) blog moms were begging her to give them tips so that they could basically be pro-bloggers, too. And intrigued, I went to many of their blogs. And seriously, 95.7 % of them were HORRIBLE. My grammer is pretty rough, and I looked like Shakespeare in comparison.

In reference to ads on blogs, ugh, I just don't like them. That's just a personal thing-I'm easily distracted and seeing banners from blogHer or google ads take me away from reading and instead I focus on the ad. I've done the google ad thing, and noticed that i would get some that were relative, and then there'd be an ad for female body waxing. Or something equally just weird.

If someone would pay me to blog, hells yeah I'd do it. But they aren't (and never will). I seriously write blogs in my head, and at times wonder why I'm not famous. Because who wouldn't want to read about me! And then I realize I CANNOT I personally just sound dumb.

Silvy said...

i love this post and laughed a lot when reading it. there are times when i've thought it would be awesome to have a million followers and support my family with my blog, but then i bring myself back to reality and admit that i am not a good writer. i will never be the next dooce and actually, there are a lot of pros to not having a huge readership. hope you are having a good week!

(i don't like ads, either).