Monday, August 10, 2009


sweet baby jesus in a tuxedo shirt, have you people looked at the sky? it's not unlike the smackdown between hollywood hulk hogan and nature boy--awe inspiring.

and yes, i just used a 1980s wrestling reference to describe the weather. because i'm just that amazing.

anyway, last night we were able to venture out to the brand spanking new home of the stallings. while there, we watched "wall-e", and jonas freaking loved it. i'm serious. that kid sat in our laps and watched the majority of the movie, completely engrossed with the plot.

okay, maybe not the plot itself, but he sure liked all the crazy contrast, colors, and motion.

he's been living up to his name lately, becoming more and more cranky. he's SUPER happy when he's eating and right after he wakes up...he's content to play for a while, but besides that, he's SUPER cranky. i'm sure compared to some babies he's still considered human, but man. it's getting out of control. and the drool. what we once thought was a waterfall is now thought of as a trickle. we NOW know what a waterfall of drool is like, and it's contstant. and icky. and...drooly.

the past few nights i've been swaddlin' him up to teach him how to sleep on his back. because, you know, he rolls over. and he FLINGS himself around his crib anyway, so he might as well not freak out when he finds himself belly up. he can for sure roll from belly to back, and we're working on back to belly (he's soooo close). he's been doing this "hitching" thing (that's what i think it's called, anyway) where he scoots himself across the floor or turns himself around using fingers, toes, and pure determination.


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Alli said...

Goodness he sounds SO MUCH like Evie!! She is so wiggly, too, and is all over her crib. And today was CRAZY with her naps because every time I laid her down for a sleep, she flipped over before I could even leave the room. But she's no where close to turning from back to belly, so I have no other option but to turn her back to her belly. Today I told hubby that I might have to teach her to sleep on her back because we can not keep up the current antics.