Thursday, August 27, 2009


we've been working with jonas on sitting up and crawling for a month or two now.

yeah, i know he's not even 4 months old yet. but he's so strong (and luckily on the skinny side, so he's able to support himself easier). so with the crawling, he can get his feet underneath him, legs straight, butt up high in the air. it's super cute. he also has been putting more weight on just his hands and knees lately...which is great! he hitches around, using arms and toes to move around the floor and crib.

with sitting, he's just started to be able to sit REALLY hunched over, unsupported. he can't sit that way for very long at all, but i'm still so proud. he tries SO hard!

i think that we may start doing a dash of rice cereal mixed in with breastmilk before bedtime. the past few nights he's started to wake up during the night HUNGRY. he's been able to sleep 8:30 to about 4am, eat, then back to sleep until 6 or so to eat again. but his "new" schedule is sleeping at 8:30p, up at 2a, up at 4, and up at 5:45am. which is not working to make a happy momma, seeing that the past few weeks i've been the one pulling solo baby shifts (since john has been getting up at 4:45am for work). and i'll be going solo AGAIN for the next 8 weeks, once john starts working overnight.


anyway, we go in thursday for his 4 month wellbaby check, and i can't wait! i can't wait to see how big he's getting, making sure he's where he's supposed to be in regards to milestones and growth charts.


besides that, that's all i can currently (comfortably) share. there's a lot brewing, but nothing that can be disclosed as of yet. maybe eventually!


Silvy said...

i'm excited to see what's brewing :)

i want to see more pictures of jonas!! you are doing a great job with him!

Jasmine said...

very fun! so proud of the Jonas. and you.