Monday, August 17, 2009


if it's a warm day and we're together, don't be alarmed if you suddenly get a craving for pancakes. and there's no need to look around to see if we happened to be teleported to a local ihop. no my's just me.

you see, i've never really had the greatest of milk supplies. sure, i yield sufficient amounts of breastmilk for jonas, but i am growing tired of having to supplement him with formula when i'm not around. i want him to have breastmilk (alone) as much as possible...because it really is best for the monster. so i grew a wild hair and decided to try out fenugreek.

the wonderful thing about fenugreek, for all of you who haven't tried it, is that a side effect you CANNOT avoid is the scent of maple syrup that appears in your pee and sweat.

so like i said, if it's a warm day and you find yourself craving pancakes (and you aren't pregnant) then chances are you're standing a little downwind from me.

you're welcome.

1 comment:

Jasmine said...

BAH! HAHHA! If we hang out soon and I lick your face... I can't be held responsible! ;)

Good luck with the milk supply.