Wednesday, August 12, 2009

because explanation is needed...

I am an expert in the art of self-deprecation. And blogs are usually focused in one central theme. The theme of this blog is me, myself, and I. Well, that along with some husband and monster baby.

That being said, you can be pretty positive that anything you see on this blog is centered guessed it! Me! Not just because I'm the center of the universe, but also because my life is what I know. I don't write about your life because I probably don't know you well enough to do more than say "she has a face. And TWO eyes. And skin!" And if I was writing about you, I'd add one of those nifty hyperlinks. Because honestly, I just learned how to do them successfully and now i can't stop.

So take what is written here with a grain of salt, realize it's just words on teh internetz, and it's unashamedly about me. And bodily functions. Most of which are my own.

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