Friday, July 31, 2009


to the subway employee who made my sandwich today:

as if i didn't love you enough already for making my veggie flatbread so deliciously perfect, i would have for sure kissed you smack dab on the lips if for saying that i had lost my baby weight so quickly and that i looked amazing. if it hadn't had been for that sneezeguard barricade, i would have.

i know that you were just being nice, and of course the best way to make a new momma feel better is to tell them how awesome they look.

on the other hand, my ass looks AMAZING in these jeans.


to the makers of the evenflo manual breastpump:

so i bought this yesterday for our trip to okc this weekend. we just live far enough that a feeding will have to happen while we're on the road, and i am not prepared to straddle the carseat in order to climb to the back seat and illegally feed my child from the ta-ta.

i gave it a test-run last night, and SWEET LORD ALMIGHTY i had a hand cramp to end all hand cramps. seriously. my hands stiiiiiiiiiiiiiill hurt today, and it's been like 17 hours since i tried it. on the plus side, my hands are now nice and toned.


we're going to OKC!! once i get off work!! for the weekend!!

i'm just a little bit excited, and i really hope that jonas is charming and cute and all that stuff so that we can get some potential and willing baby-sitters out of this jig. i mean, we ARE going to force our child upon them at some point, but hopefully this way they'll actually want to.

jonas can just about fit into his chucks, which makes my heart mmmmmmmelt into a big gooey mom puddle.

we're going to be those people that i always gave dirty looks to, and bring our now infant (hell yeah, we're not a newborn anymore) to the movies. when asked what i would do if he started crying, i simply replied "this is why i have nipples". which really would work for soothing jonas or john.

so hopefully there will be some pictures to post this weekend of the monster and his aunts and uncles (and cousin sampson).

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Sarah said...

haha... jonas totally charmed us all, although i'm pretty sure he had us all charmed before he was born because he's just that awesome. and now that we have a house you can totally drop him off anytime! yay uncle jamie and aunt sarah time!!