Saturday, July 4, 2009

sling and swaddle

the sling and swaddle twitter experiement ended the middle of last week. i already know i won't win the grand prize (well, i don't know that for sure, but i can safely assume that). and not to sound like i'm up for an oscar, it really was an honor to just be nominated.

seriously. i think it's completely awesome that i was one of 30 moms chosen across the us and canada to take part of this project. not only did i snag some fantastic baby gear from hotslings and miracle blanket, but i also got to talk to moms across the nation, ask advice, or give input to their issues.

i'm a little sad that it's over, but on the other hand, i'm really glad that i'm not stressing about being fired from the contest. isn't that sad? i was completely stressed that i wouldn't be funny enough, was too boring, would come across wrong...and so much more.

there are a couple of moms that i really hope win. i hope that the number of followers you had doesn't have a huge impact on who will win. because i'm pretty sure that one of the moms who has to have one of the highest follower numbers sort of, i don't know, did it in an unsavory manner? meaning, i know for a fact that she went through MY friends list and followed all of them, just in hopes that they would follow her back. and to me, that's sort of crappy. i only followed people (or some sites, like fml) because i wanted to read about them. if they followed me back, sure, that's great. if they didn't, that's okay, because i'm still getting to read their stuff. i think that just adding people so that they will add you back sucks.

hear that?

i think it sucks.

so here's to you, mom_30. i hope that you win (i mean...not going to lie...i WANT to win, but you're a close second ;) ). kick some butt, and hopefully enjoy the splendors!

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Rotten said...

Thank you! That was really sweet. I was reading it aloud to my hubby (the part about the followers because he was asked to follow a few people he didn't know too) and I kept reading out loud and started to tear up. I am overwhelmed that any of the moms think I should win because honestly, just like you, I was happy to even be a part of it. I never win anything. You should have seen how excited I was when I got the email that I was going to be a part of it. My prizes were the swag we got at the beginning and getting to know some pretty cool moms. I loved that I could ask you guys anything and get an answer and it saved me from an embarrassing call to the doctor who I am sure would be thinking "Silly new mom!!" :) I hope that those that I got to know (yes you) will keep in touch and at least follow each other's blogs. Thank you again. You just made my weekend. :)