Wednesday, July 29, 2009

closing in on 12 weeks


you are ALLLLLLLLMOST 12 weeks old. and you are absolutely incredible.

you have three different moods. there's the OMG I'M SO PISSED, the infant randome stare, and the crazy giggler. the giggler is by far the favorite for obvious reasons. it's become pretty clear that you look like your daddy hardcore, but you for sure have my smile and dimples.

you went to the lake for the first time this past month. you were quite the stud in your swim trunks and bucket hat. and everything was going great until we went out into the water. it was a WEE bit cold...and you'd adjust pretty well while i slowly would dip you in. but then the wind picked up and that was it. you were all like WOMAN, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? GET ME OUT. NOW. and so i did.

you still love standing. all. of. the. time. which is great because your neck, trunk, and legs are getting stronger by the day. and the stronger you get the faster you'll walk. and the faster you walk, the sooner you can start making me salami sandwiches. thankyouverymuch.

besides standing, you love your playmat and that SO COMPLETELY NOT ANNOYING song it plays. you love the bumbo. and you LOVE petting zeusy.

you're sleeping better. you're not sleeping through the night yet, and while i'd LOVE it if you did, it's okay that you're not there yet. you for sure give us a 5 hour stretch, and in my book, that's a-okay. i can't let you cry it out, i just don't believe in it. but we are starting to let you put yourself to sleep...which means that some crying will happen, it's just inevitable. last night was our first night and you gave me the battle royale until i let you sleep on your tummy. after i flipped you over, you PASSED out like an old man after thanksgiving dinner. tonight (so far atleast) you're doing great and have been asleep on your own for about 30 minutes.

of course i just cursed myself and you will wake up in 5 minutes. because that's what we do. we puke on Mommy or ourself whenever our outfits are super cute. we have MASSIVE nipple to back of neck blowouts when we pull into a store parking lot.

but look at this face...

you're adorable, partner.


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Alli said...

He is SO cute!!