Monday, July 6, 2009


this fourth of the july was like none other. let's recap, shall we?

we are watching our friends' amazingly sweet golden retriever, sam. we love sam. we want to kidnap sam. unfortunately, john isn't accustomed to dogs that are able to get their paw higher than 6 inches in the air. which basically means that sammie raised his paw to shake john's hand, and john, in turn, got his eyeball scratched.

this all resulted in absolute panic.

we called our eye doc and surrounding clinics, and of course they were all closed because not only is it saturday, but it's the fourth of july. so we called our dr's office, and were told to head to the er.

we got in and out of the er in 45 minutes...for sure the fastest er trip on the fourth of july in the history of the world. basically, john's cornea has a nice scratch in it. they gave him some meds, and he had to take 2 days off work because he couldn't drive. this morning he's going to our eye doc to make sure everything is okay.

and we still want to steal sam. he's amazingly sweet.

saturday was also the day that my uncle passed away. he had been sick and in the hospital for so many months. he was in a coma for about 6 weeks, had what i believe was stage 4 cancer throughout his body, lung issues, and severe water retention. he was on a respirator as well. he had been at the va hospital in fayetteville, transferred to little rock, then to a va in missouri, and this past week was taken BACK to the va in fayetteville so his feeding tube could be replaced. once there, he went downhill very quickly (although, in reality, he was never going to be going "uphill" ever). friday evening the siblings gathered and decided that this was it...his quality of life was non-existent, and they were just putting him through unnecessary measures while he lay there, unresponsive. on saturday afternoon, they had him taken off the respirator. thirty minutes later, he was gone.

that night, like they had the night before, the siblings gathered and remembered the good times that they had with mike...those funny stories, the wild person that he was.


the family is gathering on wednesday for the funeral. hopefully it'll turn out like those nights this past weekend; memories, laughs, tears, and happiness.


in jonas related news, he started reaching for toys on friday night. while i'm sure he's behind on the curve, it seriously made me well up with pride that my little monster reached with purpose for toys infront of him (and grabbed them!). he's 8 weeks (plus a day or two) and still captures my heart. he's holding his head up SO well now that the bumbo is a favorite, as is sitting on our laps, resting on the crook of your arm.


Silvy said...

jonas is so cute!! love the pics

Rotten said...

I am so sorry about your uncle. Very sad.

Whitney said...

Jonas has grown so much! I can't wait to see him again!