Friday, July 17, 2009


you read that title right. that's the noise i make when i try to hoist my mammoth monster child around in his carseat like all the other moms seem to do with ease.

maybe i'm just seriously that much of a pansy, but that biatch is heavy. i didn't realize that you were suddenly supposed to be able to lift things like small cars after giving birth. i bet it's because i got an epidural. because those mean you're weak, right?

anyway, i have never used this carseat before (you know, the infant carrier type) with jonas. and just started to this past week because i've been taking the beetle to work, and am just lazy enough to not want to take out the carseat from the other car. i can snap it in and out like a pro, but damn if lugging it around doesn't only look awkward, but makes me feel like an idiot. i stumble, rotate my wrists in unnatural positions, and generally just feel like i should have a third ear growing from my forehead.

so why i thought i'd forgo the sling and use the infant carrier/carseat while in wal-mart the other day, i don't know. because people, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT WITH A CART.

yup. so there i was, sitting in the car in the parking lot. and truth be told, i sat there until i say someone else with a baby go in, their carseat perched perfectly on the cart.

i then got out, all smooth-like. i grabbed a cart, grabbed the kid, and put his seat in the front. but...was it supposed to be this unstable? "oh well." i thought as i pushed onward. i circled around the diaper area to check out sales on diapers and burp clothes when i decided that this simply was wrong. it was wobblin' a little, and that just seemed unsafe. so i tried to pick the seat up and change positions. but the freaking seat was stuck.

i started to break out in a cold sweat, swearing under my breath. what was i, a freaking amatuer? well, yes. i was. a wal-mart employee came and asked if i needed help.

"oh no! not me! just foolin' around, you know. no big deal! ignore the sweat stains!"


i turned around, scanning the aisles for another momma/baby combo. after seeing 2 others confirming the original position of the cart to seat arrangement, i came out from under the clothes rack i was hiding in, trying to have some air of confidence.

i don't think it worked. but jonas found the whole situation hilarious.


Silvy said...

haha. good post. the other day i literally told parker i wish he would hurry up and learn how to walk to i don't have to carry him around anymore.

i hate carrying parker in the infant carrier. most of the time james carries him, but it is so heavy and awkward. on 4th of july, our friends wanted to walk like 6 blocks to find better seats while we were lugging parker in the carseat (he was asleep and we didn't want to wake him) and it almost killed us.

did your carseat get stuck on the walmart cart? my little red latch ALWAYS gets stuck and i almost fling parker out of his seat every time i try to remove it from the cart.

anyway, yay for slings. and yay for 9 freaking months from now our babies being able to walk :)

Rotten said...

Hysterical! I simply choose not to use the car seat/shopping cart combo because I cannot see over both and thus bump into a lot of things. I go with the stroller. Forces me to buy less at Target because I can't carry it all. ;)