Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 months (almost)


you are freaking almost 2 months old. i'm sorry, but when did i say that you could get bigger, older, and taller than me? okay. so i still have a couple of years before you're taller than me, but seriously, are a giant amongst wee babies. while you're still a skinny thing, newborn clothing is just about way too short. and being the victim to an eternal wedgie is no bueno. so we shove you in 3 month clothing, and just turn our heads while your pants fall down.

are you shooting steroids? because you have grown a HUGE AMOUNT in just a week. HUGE. and sometimes, sometimes you have 'roid rage. it's mainly when you're hungry AND WHY THE HECK HAS NO ONE OFFERED ME A CHEESEBURGER, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? JONAS SMASH.

what i'm trying to say here is that you've gained a whole new range of emotions. you may be slightly bi-polar. you go from crying and screaming to cooing and giggling with mere seconds. i'm not going to lie, i could live without screaming and crying.

i keep reading about how you will poop less, and hear about the boys your age that we know who are just not pooping at all (and cause them to have horrible pains). you, my friend, are a pooping machine. you're pooping like it's going out of style. we usually have one blow out a day, with mini poops here and there. and then, of course, are the LOUD toots that you emit. those just make me giggle.

you have the neck strength of a baby almost twice your age. seriously. so you are loving to spend a few minutes here and there in your bumbo. we just bought you a playmat, so you are starting to figure that out. your swing is a BLAST! for about 10 minutes, and then it is shunned to the depths of hell.

i know i'm about to get slammed for this, but we let you sleep on your stomach. you will almost REFUSE to sleep laying on your back (unless you accidently roll yourself that way. oh yeah, right now you can roll yourself from your side to either back or front. and by roll, i mean flop). so we place you on the firm mattress with nothing near your face but your paci, and you pass out. the past few nights you've been really squirmy and fussy during your sleep...but that shall pass. in a week or two you're being kicked out of our room and snuggled into your own crib. which...i'm torn about. while i KNOW you need to go to your own room, dang it if i probably wont cry and miss you like crazy.

jonas, you are an incredibly beautiful and amazing child. we couldn't love you more if we tried.


jonas, above're just really amazing. every day i wake up not believing that you're really here.


Jasmine said...

1. Isaiah NEVER would sleep on his back. So he was a stomach baby... and...he is still alive. All is well,

2. Psssh! Co-sleep if ya wanna. He'll be okay

3. Hell of a job Wendy-Lou... I am so so proud to be your friend.

Alli said...

All of my children are/were tummy sleepers. No slamming coming from here!

That first night that we moved our babies to their room was tough...but then it was nice because I started to feel like my normal self again (not just Mom and milk machine, but like my own person).

Jonas sounds like such a sweet, fun baby! :)

ness said...

these things you write....they make me smile and remember and laugh. I'm so glad you are writing these things down and I know you will be glad you did too when in just a few months he gets up and runs around and you wonder where that tiny baby went....

and now I officially sound like an old lady.

Whitney said...

I miss Jonas so much already! I know y'all are coming to see us soon, and I just can't wait!!!!!!