Monday, June 15, 2009

weekend wrap-up

stress-filled weekend 2009 is finally over! the highlights:

*friends arrive and fill our house with laughter, joy, and beer.

*john gets beyond tipsy for first time since january (at zach's bachelor party). i had forgotten that john also increases his volume by 400% while intoxicated, repeats the same story 63 times (in a row, even), and gets the stinkiest farts. seriously. gross. our friends now know in great detail every aspect of my labor, jonas's sleeping habits, and john's version of his favorite noises that jonas makes. (my husband is adorable).

*john epresses his saddness that i can breastfeed jonas and soothe him while all he can do is bottle feed him milk that i have to provide.

*jamie's facial expressions range from awkward grinning to blinking back tears while waiting the 10 minutes before sarah's dad is finally able to give her away.

*the wedding photographer takes COUNTLESS photos of jonas. as we are getting ready to drive away, she hands us her card. aahh. it all clicks.

*tornadoes on a wedding day? check.

*buying swim trunks for jonas (on super sale) and the lady checking me out saying, "oh. so you're going to dunk your poor baby in the cold water?" and me replying, "yup. sure am."

*weighing jonas and seeing that he weighs in at 10.2 pounds...the chunk.

*INCREDIBLE growth spurt by jonas, capped with eating every 45 minutes (or less) during sunday.

*hearing that john had to run after a bad guy at a domestic dispute (that didn't know he was being chased) to only cite him for littering.

*crying just about everytime i thought about jonas not being next to me every minute of the day from now on.

and so very much more. and now it's time to crash.

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