Monday, June 22, 2009

smiles all around

this past week has been the best yet with jonas. he's starting to smile and giggle...and it's so much fun watching him get so caught up on pop kisses and air being blown on his face. i can watch him do it for hours if i were able to, and love watching john and jonas play with each other.

last sunday at church, john and i commented to each other that the other new baby just looked so much bigger than jonas. that all changed yesterday when we left...both mentioning how the other sweet baby is a little bigger around, jonas looks like the hulk compared to him. he's growing so much! i really think that i'll blink and he'll be running across the room. his new favorite thing is to stand up on our laps, and john has been letting him "stand" on his own. you know..for that entire milisecond before he topples into john's hands.

we go to the doctor (for both of our "fun" appointments) on wednesday. i can't wait to see how big he is! we know for sure that he will need to get his tongue clipped. he's pretty tongue-tied (i was, too) and he tries so very hard to stick out his tongue...he just can't. so i'm really excited to see his little tongue poke back out at us!

there's so much more...for a later time.

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