Monday, June 1, 2009

peanut butter and strawberry jelly-baby sandwich

before jonas entered this world with his death-metal scream, i had already pictured what motherhood was going to be like. i was going to be this super-mom, who was going to get her pre-marriage (yes...beyond pre-pregnancy) body back immediately, who'd wake up early to hit the farmer's market with her baby, who would breastfeed with ease and pump enough milk to feed a small island of know, just regular stuff.

instead, i find myself struggling to pry my eyes open before 10am (ARGH! 10 am! so early and bright and birds chirp too loudly!). and by that point, the farmer's market is basically over. while i've lost a good amount of weight and am close to being back to pre-baby weight, i'm still far, far away from even thinking about being near pre-marriage weight.

the one thing that i'm really just nailing on this motherhood thing is the breastfeeding. i'm not sure how or why, but it's just been super easy since day one (or i guess something like, 45 minutes after birth?). jonas just got it, and somehow my boobs understood too while i just sat there reading a manual. he eats whenever he is hungry, be it 4-5 hours after his last feeding or 30 minutes. you can easily look at my 3 week old child and see that he's not hurting for food. and i'm pumping really well, too.

i've become surprisingly agile while breastfeeding. while i've sprayed my child (and myself. and my pillow. and a fleece blanket. and the floor. and a little on the wall) with breast milk, i've used the bathroom while breastfeeding (which isn't tricky until it's time to wash your hands). i've picked up a room while breastfeeding. and many more amazing feats.

the one thing that i'm not so good at is eating while i nurse jonas. i just don't seem capable of eating while i nurse, no matter what tactic i try. now, don't get me wrong, i FOR SURE eat while i nurse daily. i just happen to maybe drop a lot of food on jonas. a lot of food. and today, i reached an all-time low...i licked strawberry jelly off his neck because there was no rags around.

who am i really kidding?
it's really good jelly. you don't waste this stuff.


Alli said...

Seriously. This is the 4th baby I've breastfed and I STILL can't figure out how to eat while nursing. I'm constantly sucking brownie crumbs off her cheek or scraping nutella off her shirt with my nail.

Jasmine said...

I remember balancing a plate on my son as I ate my food.... score one for us!!!

Sadie said...

The getting up early thing?? So over-rated. I have trained my baby to not wake up before 8 because I am not even remotely a morning person. And besides, once we have another baby I'll probably never get to sleep again, so I'm trying to log lots of hours while I can.

Silvy said...

i am really impressed that you can pick up a room and breastfeed! that takes mad skills! i would probably drop parker if i tried to do that.

yay for the miracle blanket. i'm glad you love it like we do! i hope all of the people following you in the twitter contest see how much you love it and try one.

keep it up! you're doing a great job with little jonas and it's obvious you love him a ton!

Kim J said...

The jelly must be from that chicken place in Springdale. (AQ Chicken) its got the BEST Strawberry jam (jelly)
You are a good Mom. I commend you!

Jasmine said...

OKay! You are up on our site love! Hope it helps!!! can't wait to see you and baby jonas again.
Check it out at

Rebekah said...

Its amazing what you learn to do out of necessity. I once ate tacos, fed the baby, and pumped all at one time. =)
Multitasking is the only way to go with a new baby!

And as far as the Buffalo Bills go, I couldn't care less, but everybody in my family is big time fans.