Friday, June 26, 2009


so much has happened since we last spoke. (doesn't that sound nice and homey, like old friends from childhood who have reunited?)...

jonas had his "6 week" check-up...basically instead of coming in at one month or at two months, the doc wanted him at six weeks. which is fine by us, because it saves us a co-pay...and he's a healthy baby, so straddling a little works great.

his stats:

weight--10lbs 4 oz
head--15 inches

so the doc was going over his growth, and said that jonas was at the 50% for weight, but was off the charts (literally...his little X was WAY above the 100% curve). so he obviously takes after one of his parents. and just as a hint, it's not me.

apparently with little boys, you have to pull the foreskin back every 2-3 days or it can become fused. unfortunately, no one told us this, so it had fused a little on the right side. as john and the doc were standing over him, john turned white when the doc pulled it apart again without any notice.

after that, i had to leave the room because they had to clip our little monster's tongue-tied tongue. he took it really well, as he did the shots as well. we were so proud, and the doc even said that he did a great job!

i fought back my STRONG desires to scoop jonas up after each procedure and console him, letting john be the person who got to soothe him. usually jonas perfers to snuggle with me (i think it has something to do with the greater potential of getting food out of it), so i know it meant a lot to john to be rescuer. john just didn't want to put him down (and melted my little heart).


at work on wednesday afternoon, a patient's mother (whom i already dispised) made a comment like "i thought you would have already had that baby by now".

now, i am totally aware that i still have a tummy pooch, and i accept that. it's going to take it a little time to go away, and that's okay. but do i seriously look 9 months pregnant? seriously? i cried on the way home because of the comment, and made john affirm that i indeed didn't look 9 months pregnant. i still look probably 3 months pregnant due to the pooch, though.


i've been lucky that so far, i haven't felt any real post-partum depression. don't get me wrong, i have cried atleast once while holding him while he was crying because there was nothing that i could do to console him and i just felt so badly about it. but i haven't had any other real symptoms, and for that i'm extremely grateful. i know how debilitating it can be to mommas.


our one year wedding anniversary is sunday! it's surreal that this time last year i was putting together last minute wedding plans, and now i'm worrying about cradle cap and a bean-pole baby. it's been a whirlwind of a year, and it's hard to think that we have been through so very much in such a short period of time. we've changed, grown, and become stronger as a family this past year.


the monster has been working so very hard on holding his head up. we're going to get him a bumbo this week so he can practice some more...but he really does a great job already! his favorite thing right now is to stand up (all of the time) on someone's lap. his face just lights up and you can see how proud he is of himself. while jonas has been smiling and laughing for a couple of weeks now, john is the person who can just get him going. that kid will laugh and laugh and LAUGH at john. it's great that john is getting to enjoy jonas so much more (babies really aren't his thing), so it's exciting to seem them interact on a whole new level.

and i think that's about it.

OH! yesterday my parents and grandparents came by to install a working dishwasher in our house. AND OMG it works! it drains! it cleans! it's not a huge drying rack (like the older dishwasher).

AND our A/C got fixed on tuesday! so we have air again! while it doesn't work great, it's sooooo much better than the 80+ degrees it was in the house at all times.


Cori said...

Don't worry about what that lady said.. I'm sure you look great! I got made fun of the other day for wanting to breastfeed and go back to teaching.. So, I understand!

Sarah said...


do you know how incredibly MAD i was when i read about the stupid lady who made the stupid comment. you look AMAZING!! you don't even look like you were ever pregnant! next time, kick her in the face and tell her it was from me :)