Tuesday, June 9, 2009

hair loss

this week is going to drive me to pull out every last strand of hair in my head, i do believe.

if you don't remember, i'm the person who, while loves her friends and family, needs personal space. with that said, here's the schedule for the week:

monday--john's sister and new boyfriend come over for a few hours so we can meet the bf/she can play with jonas. it was great, and can't wait to see them again!

tuesday--house to ourselves/tidy up

wednesday--late afternoon party at work for girl going to dental school, then hour later lingerie shower for sarah (baby in tow). boys drinking at house that night. zach, carole, and matt arrive for the wedding.

thursday--just houseguests. that night, wedding rehearsal and then rehearsal dinner. infant in tow.

friday--wedding at night. infant in tow.

saturday--i think some of the friends are heading back home, but not sure. from what little john knows, his mom is in town that day and is spending the night at our house? not sure on that.

sunday--possible houseguests? church. lunch at grandma's house. john speeds off to work.

monday--i return to work. :(

i'm not amused.


jasmine said...

that sounds like a lot going on right before you have to prepare yourself to leave Jonas... are you going to be okay?

Rotten said...

Busy weekend... infant in tow. :)