Thursday, May 7, 2009

you're invited...

so yesterday we went to the doctor. yeah, you know, because i so highly enjoy being poked and prodded where it should be illegal to.

anyway, he said that we could start the inducing process. which made us excited because it's nice to know atleast a date where the madness will end. so he told us that he would try to get us in that night, and if not, it'd be tuesday night at 5pm because he had to be out of town this weekend (and we really want him to deliver jonas).

so when 7pm rolled around and we hadn't heard anything, i called L&D just to see if they knew anything so we could figure out what to do about work (for john that night, and me the next day). the charge nurse said that i couldn't come in that night, but they have me down for 10am on thursday morning. after double checking a couple of times, she was certain that was when i was supposed to be going in.

john and i then started the fun (not really though) process of calling family members, work, and friends to let them know what the scoop was.

like an hour later, our doc called us to let us know that the nurse was incorrect, and that we wouldn't be able to come in until tuesday night.

honestly, while a little bummed, i'm not overly upset. of course i want to see jonas sooner than later, but we're having a kid within the week no matter what. and that doesn't suck at all. it WAS a pain in the butt to have to call people back and tell them "just kidding!" besides that, though, no harm no foul.

the doc said that if jonas doesn't come on his own before then, that we will check into the hospital around 5pm on tuesday night, they'll administer what i'm guessing is cervidil (i'm sure i just butchered that), and that most people deliver around 12pm the next day.

what we're planning on doing is to check-in at 5ish or just before then (so the admissions desk will still be open), chill out and get comfy as possible, and then have parents/family/friends think about coming up early early wednesday morning. the doc said there isn't a reason to "bring in all the troops" because they'll just be sitting and waiting for nothing for SEVERAL several hours.

so that's the plan. worst case, baby sometime next wednesday. best case, baby sometime before then.

tick, tock.

(ps, our kid's birthday will most likely be may 13th...which you know ends up in friday the 13th birthdays. for a halloween mom, that makes me glad.)


Stephanie said...

eeek! yay!

Jasmine said...

I am going to make a paper chain so I can tear off a link the closer it gets!

I am so excited!!!

melissa said...

don't want to hold off until the 17th so we can have twinkie birthdays?

wendy said...


while that's a cute idea, i'd rather touch john's feet than wait that long.

i think you should just celebrate yours early!

johnny a said...

What's wrong with MY feet?

wendy said...

john, while my feet currently look like a sale at the day-old bakery, let's not forget the hobbit-esque quality of your stumps.

Sarah said...

Wendy- do you know how mad i am right now that I live in Colorado?!?!?!? Can't you just hold that kiddo in until like um.. May 30th when we return? just kidding... i know you don't want to wait that long but I wanna see this baby this week and I'm stuck in this horrid state!! I so wish we were there :P but I can't wait to meet this baby!!!!

Kim J said...

Hey Girlie.. if you have Jonas on Tuesday, the 12th, you'll have him on my Brother's birthday. I was laughing at that, cause Nick was born on your birthday and I thought it would be kinda cool if Jonas was born on Travis' birthday. I can't wait.. and btw.. my feet are swollen too. Dang getting old! lol