Thursday, May 21, 2009

sling & swaddle journey

a few weeks ago i was reading one of my favorite blogs, and saw that there was this contest put on by hotslings and miracle blanket. the general idea was that you had to have a baby that was going to be under 16 weeks old by june 30th, had to be able to "tweet" three times a day about your experiences, and had to be open to trying swaddling and using a sling.

and so i entered, having to submit a photo of john and i, my belly, and the monster's nursery (because i didn't have a photo of jonas and i together yet), a small know, regular information. i really thought nothing of it until this afternoon when i opened my email and saw this:


and realized that i had been selected as one of the thirty mom's across the US and canada to be part of this experience. by being selected, they'll set me up with a twitter account, hook me up with a miracle blanket and a hotsling (which, i already have one of each...but extras for free?? yes, please!). one mom will be chosen as the "winner" at the end of the 30 days, and will recieve some awesome swag as a result of the number of their followers, the number of updates, photos, etc.

i know that i wont win...but man, i'm really stoked. really stoked!

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Cat @ 3 Kids and Us said...

Congrats! I found out I was chosen too. Can't wait to tweet with ya.