Friday, May 22, 2009


i think that someone has created a voodoo doll of me and has proceeded to make sure that today completely sucked.

today, cousin kim (along with aunt barbara and uncle gary) made the trek to take some baby pics of jonas. while trying to soothe jonas to sleep, he managed to spit up on the skirt of my dress...which was easily cleaned without worry.

a little while later, i was going to take a photo or two with the beast when it was decided to have him be nakey for just a minute while i leaned over him and gave him a kiss.

guess who decided to have projectile poop come out of their butt? poop that not only shot all over their mother's dress, but also all over tiny bit of rug that was exposed.

oh, yeah, that'd be my son.

again, no biggie. i cleaned myself up, wiped his tush, and after the guests had left popped the rug into the washing machine with just cold water (no soap) to try to get the majority of the poop off.

i put the rug into the washer around 2:05, fed jonas, and by 2:30 i know that jonas, john, zeus, and i were all asleep.

fast-forward 30 minutes to john saying, "wake up, baby. wake up!"

i muttered something in a very unpleasant voice like, "john. i'm seriously taking a nap."

to which he said, "our house is flooded."

well, that woke me up in a hurry. thinking that surely he was kidding, i put my left foot on the floor and realized that it was SOAKING wet. i quickly surveyed the house, and yes, the entire kitchen along with half of our living room (which is so nicely covered in laminate wood flooring) was standing in about 1/2 an inch of water.

i ran to my parents' house to get their shop vac while john went to wal-mart to buy one of our own. by the time i got home, john had pretty much suctioned up the standing water. i made it my mission to get as much water as humanly possible out from under the laminate wood flooring. it's a little "squishy" sounding when you walk in certain places, and right now we are just praying so hard that the flooring is okay. we really don't have the $thousands$ of bucks to buy new flooring...especially with a rent house. and i'm pretty sure that i cried the entire way to and from my parents' house because i am a bit of a worrier and could just see our landlords suing us because we didn't have the money to buy them new floors.

damn washing machine and it deciding to NOT DRAIN.

oh, and i didn't make jonas's diaper quite tight enough, and you know he peed out of it.

i guess the plus sides are this:
*our floors are now really, really clean
*the baby's rug is in the process of being really, really clean
*we know that i won't puke when i get baby crap (literally) all over me
*because of the flooding, we decided to forego the healthy tilapia dinner i was going to make and instead got chinese, ice cream, and a large coke

and i'm spent. let's just hope we can make it to bed without further incident.


Sadie said...

Oh dang. That does sound like a crappy (crappy! haha!) day. I'm sorry Wendy. I hope tomorrow is better.
Norah was always really good at puking all over me. On the day of my mom's wedding she barfed all over my dress and I had nothing to change into, so I just went through the wedding with puke all over me. Now she just wipes junk on me all the time.
But seriously, I hope everything works oout ok with the floor.

ness said...

Vanessa knows floods. I cannot recount to you just how many floods. It's actually kind of a wonder I don't wear galoshes all the time.

The floor, miraculously, will dry....eventually. The underlayment is all plastic kind of stuff, so it'll be groovy. That's why landlords like laminate floor.

I wish my landlord liked laminate floor.

But no, I'm stuck with the world's ugliest carpet.

You're funny.

Kim J said...

Gosh Wendy.. I feel so bad! I will pay for any costs that incur. I'm sorry your washer did they to you. I'm really sorry Jonas did that to you, I guess we should've put his diaper back on.
Man.. I feel very guilty! I hope everything works out.

Love ya

wendy said...

Haha, kim, you big silly! Don't feel bad at all! Jonas just happens to have his dads sense of humor.

Vanessa- I totally thought of you when debating what to do first regarding the flooding. It was sort of a wwvd moment. And yes, that stands for what would Vanessa do.