Monday, May 4, 2009


have any of you watched the new game show on mtv called "the phone"? i immediately got excited about it when watching the previews because it reminds me A LOT of the movie "the game"...and well, i'm a sucker for things like that.

anyway, there's a formula that goes with this show. basically, you see some 20 year-olds in very public venues just chatting it up with friends, reading a book, whatever. and then a phone rings. and rings. and rings. they get on the phone, and then a voice (in a THICK scottish (i think)accent)says:

"hello, *insert name here*. 3 months ago you signed up for a game, and today you were told to wait for a phone call. this is that call."

and then something happens, like a car explodes or some dude gets hit by a car. and the game begins.

so it's now become a contest of sorts between john and i where we prank call each other from our phones by blocking our number and see who can hold out the longest by pretending to be "the voice".

john obviously wins this everytime. the only time i've tried to play was when we were in the same room as each other. i called him, practicing my scottish man-accent over and over in my head. when he answered, i got cold feet and hung up. he was bummed he had missed a blocked call (he thought it was from work) so i KNEW he'd answer it if i tried it again.

so when he did answer, all i could squeak out was "hello" before i started to giggle so hard because my scottish man accent is surprisingly horrible, and i started to cry. and he just looked at me like, oh, okay. GAME ON.

i say this to warn you if you get a blocked call in the next few may be one of us. or it may be a game you signed up for 3 months ago, and you're just waiting for that call. who knows.

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Silvy said...

yea it's at the pinnacle store on clearance 4-way that ironically says "girls" on the top, but it has blue and pink stuff on it. i almost bought it for you but then i realized i don't know you in real life and that would be weird :).

get some rest these last few days (if that's possible). the week before parker was due i went to the gym, walked .25 miles on the treadmill, took a bathroom break and fell asleep in the locker room for 1 1/2 hours. james had to go on a manhunt on the gym to find me and have a girl wake me up, hahaha. i guess i was pretty tired!