Tuesday, May 26, 2009


while it's been great having family around for the past several days, things to do, running here and there, it's unbelievably nice to have a break and have it just be us.

this morning john had an interview at work, so i tried to be this caring and thoughtful wife and decided to do baby duty on my own last night.


it seriously was so hard. it wasn't hard in that jonas had a rough night...he actually had a great night! i just couldn't sleep because i was so worried about catching jonas's needs before he started to whimper too loudly so that john wouldn't be disturbed. so that meant that i was all hover-y and paranoid and frankly i just got stressed out. i could never be one of those parents who are all up in the kid's business because it's just too exhausting.

i've come to the conclusion that the days where jonas is held for hours and hours means that we will NOT sleep that night because he slept all day in the comfort of arms and laps. so i may be implementing a time-limit of how long he can be held at any given point because while it may upset the arms that want to snuggle all day with him, dude, we're the ones who suffer at night.

oh, and i love cottage cheese.

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Jasmine said...

hehe. i love you! we had time limits with isaiah. he had colic and if he got over stimulated during the day, he'd scream all night. it was tough, and sad, but like you- i just said, "hey. you want to hold him all day- come stay up with him all night while i sleep."
you are doing so well. i can't wait till we get to see you- we were going to come tomorrow, but it sounds like you have had enough of visitors. let us know when you are up for some company :)