Friday, May 15, 2009

one week


today you are one week old. ONE WEEK! and your daddy and i are still alive (as are you).

so far, my little monster, you have been really nice to us. you eat, you sleep, and you crap your pants. and that, my friend, is amazing. we sleep fairly well in 2-3 hour spurts, and you've finally graduated from sleeping with us in the bed to sleeping all night in your co-sleeper.

you are a pro when it comes to breastfeeding, and trust me when i say that it really makes me feel like i'm doing something right when you eat like you do. maybe it's the milkshakes from mcdonalds that i desire that make eating for you more appealing, or maybe it's because it's cozy time for you and me...whatever it is, you're doing incredible. keep it up, big boy.

to celebrate your one week birthday we got you your first ugly doll. while we realize it may be silly to get you a present for just being a week old...hey, you're a week old!!

and you also gave me a gift--so far 17 pounds are gone and out of the way, and i can not only see my ankles, but i can actually make out bones in my feet. and let me tell you that being able to wear shoes like a human being is an amazing thing.

your dad is the biggest support i could have. he changes basically all of the diapers, takes you early in the mornig to the other room so i can sleep longer, cleans up around the house, and verbally gives me affirmation that i'm doing a good job. without him here this first week...well, i don't even know how we would have turned out. because of him, i've been able to shower at leisure, rest when i need to, and not go insane. we love your daddy.


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