Friday, May 1, 2009


1. we bought an exercise ball last night at target with a giftcard. i bounced on it FOREVER, and may have made jonas drop a little too much. seriously. there was a huge change from pre-bouncing to post-bouncing.

2. i'm currently laying on the loveseat because i. am. sick. my stomach hurt all last night (not a result of said bouncing) and mixed with already feeling horrible, i decided to take a day off.

3. the baby is coming this weekend. atleast, according to the magic 8 ball at target, he is.

4. i'm watching a show called "the cougar". it's more than slightly disgusting.

5. i can't wait to watch "the soup" this weekend.

6. besides just generally liking the show, i am hoping and PRAYING that they have a clip from "millionaire matchmaker" on it...where this old woman who's a therapist repeatedly says that vaginas are for playing, and so and so has played with too many vaginas. you don't marry vaginas, because vaginas can't talk.

7. i died watching it.

8. did anyone see private practice last night? as a woman who is 75 months pregnant, i am now even more terrified of opening my front door.

9. right foot- still swollen. left foot- lookin' good.

10. time to make lunch! rice or soup...decisions decisions.

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