Tuesday, May 5, 2009

just take away the scissors.

so i'm growing out my hair. again.

right now it's in that awkward ugly length that you can't wear down because it's hideous, but you can't really wear up because it's just a smidge too short without having to control it with a million bobby pins.

yeah, so i've been sporting a LOT of pig tails and ugly pony tails lately.

i'm also adhd with my hair. i can't have it be the same for very long or i go crazy. i don't want to dye it right now, but am planning on getting some bright highlights once it's grown another little bit. but that's going to be a couple of months atleast. and i needed change.

and so last night i busted out the scissors. and gave myself bangs.

right now they look okay, and they're long enough that i can pin 'em back if i choose to. but i need to hide the scissors because when i get bored, something get's cut.

case in point:

this hair cut is the result of several things:

living by myself in the hood (aka afraid to go outside)

no cable

friends all at work

watching "girl, interrupted" about 7 times in a row and thinking...wow, if winona can pull it off, so can i!

yeah. this also happened just as john and i started to date, and i'm pretty sure the first time he saw it was at the highland games at jbu (where the infamous turkey legs were hurled at me) and before arriving i am pretty sure i tried to warn him. because dating a girl who looks like a 12 year old boy is awesome.

so if you think i may be getting bored, things are slowing down for me...just send me a message, whisper in my ear "put down the scissors". for the sake of beauty, please.


Stephanie said...

i love it!! that's exactly how i feel right now. i mean... i've been trying to grow it out for like a year (because duh. you're -supposed- to have long hair when you get married.) but i'm SO tired of it. the longer it gets.. the less curly but less straightenable and more unmanageable it is. unfortunately. i haven't quite mastered the hair-cutting talent you possess where i could actually cut much and it look okay... my bangs normally end up funky when i chop at them.
anyway. thanks for your comment on my blog. i loved yalls wedding... and i've got to do mine for me.
and ps... i keep checking your blog thinking it'll say you've had little jonas. any time now. any time. (post pictures.)

Stephanie said...

ps... i'm also really glad you said that -everyone' has their opinion. because SINCE then... whenever people say something, i just think to myself "well... everyone's got their opinion and HAS to say it" and then it makes me feel better. ha. simple as it sounds. it's helped me a lot.