Sunday, May 3, 2009


so since being married for the past ten months, i've really tried to take it up a notch on my abilities in the kitchen. i'm not a good cook. at all. but i try really hard, and have a few dishes that i know will feed my family a nice meal. but there are times when there are things in the fridge and cupboards and i have no clue what to make of them.

and then i found this site.

you can quite literally enter ingredients you have in your fridge, and it will give you recipes that include those (plus usually one or two extras). i've signed up for a "recipe of the day" as well, so i can get more ideas of how to feed my family a healthy but tasty meal.

we've already gone the route of eating only steamed veggies while at home, having rice as a side, and eating poultry as our main source of protein. but this site really helps guide me into expanding what i can cook/what i can learn. so the goal is to make as many meals at home as possible, and weeding out what we actually like and want to include in our menus, and what we don't like at all.

i've come a long way from surviving only on pop-ice for main meals, and my feast...a big mac once a week.


Silvy said...

i saw a little sleeper & bib outfit combo at tj maxx today that said "monster" on it and thought of you (it's only $3 on clearance!) i almost bought one for parker--you should totally go get it.

DeMo said...

You should also check out My cousin is on there and has TONS of recipes.