Saturday, May 23, 2009

brand new day

after the hell like day yesterday, today had to be better, right?

it totally was. jonas had one of his not so good nights last night, so the entire family slept in til past 11am. I got dressed, and john helped me get jonas all ready to go go go! the beast and I went to my parents' to fill out my contract for the sling and swaddle journey that starts June 1st (ps check out and look at the Indian summer pattern...that's the one I'm getting free!)

after that, we headed to target to grab a couple of things, and then came back to the house to eat leftover Chinese food with john for lunch.

having a child changes you. geez...that's cliché, huh? but seriously, it does. the first time I saw jonas, I knew I was a goner. it was close to the same feeling when I first saw john-just magnified. immediately I knew that my heart belonged to this boy, and that I would do anything in my power to ensure his safety. it's the reason why I started to weep when I saw him that first second. it's why I cry when I think about him and how amazing his life is. even when he does projectile poops all over me.

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Jasmine said...

Such beautiful words!