Monday, April 6, 2009

week 972, aka the thirty sixth week


first things first, just look at this.

yeah, that's what i thought, too.

so yesterday you had this glorious shower where the main goal was to cover your butt in some sort of paper so that you wont ruin the rugs. last night i posted a facebook status declaring that we had received over 700 diapers!! how awesome is that!? and then, this morning when i first got in the car, i noticed that my trunk flap was up in my car. after getting out to put it back down, i discovered another 120 diapers in my trunk! luckily they diapers are all in varying sizes, so we don't have 8 million newborn diapers (because lets face it, those wont fit your booty for too long).

speaking of which, we played this game where everyone was supposed to guess how big you were going to be. i'll go ahead and venture to say that the average weight guessed was around 9 and a half pounds--but there were more than enough 10 pounder answers to make me cringe. let's just freak 'em all out, and you can weigh like, oh, say, 7 pounds even?

right now your room looks like a small disaster area. between all your goodies, you have wooden drawers EVERYWHERE while we move your dresser out to be painted. it's a madhouse, i tell you. a madhouse. (quick, name that movie!).

well, since you haven't been able to see it yet, i'll just tell you that it's "planet of the apes", just my favorite movie series EVER. and i'm not even kidding. when your dad thinks i'm weird, you know there's an issue.

love (and apes)!,

the mom

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Jasmine said...

haha! nope.

you are welcome. i'd hope you'd do the same for me... it is all God's stuff anyway.