Sunday, April 26, 2009

water retention

if you've seen me lately, i'm going to just apologize now for the vienna sausage like appearance of my fingers.

i really thought that since i had made it THIS far into my pregnancy without any sort of real swelling (besides the rotundness of my butt and belly) that i was in the clear. "nope, not me!" i'd say when asked if swelling was an issue.

i spoke too soon.

while it's probably not really noticeable to most people, the idea of bending my toes or fingers has become comical. i first noticed it a week or two ago when john and i would walk. of course, after walking for an extended period of time in the quasi-heat will make you swell up. when i'd get home, i'd just relax and it'd go away.

but now i'm at the point where i just totter in fear of handling my iPhone in absolute fear of dropping it and cracking the screen (john) because my meaty nubs can't bend enough to grasp it. the fingers issue is fine--i still can wear my wedding band while my engagement ring is too snug. but the feet? seriously?

the look like the feet of a bloated corpse. sorry. i've been re-reading (for the hundreth time) one of my favorite books--stiff. i'm not creepy. i promise.

sigh. i know no one else can really tell that i'm that swollen. but my rings and shoes tell me otherwise.

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Sarah said...

oh the things to look forward to... and hopefully a LONG time from now :)