Sunday, April 5, 2009


john and i had a diaper shower from our church family this afternoon, and we are completely blessed. the turnout was much more than i could have even imagined, and just knowing that there's such a large support system ready for us when the time comes for jonas (or asher...i may call him that) to arrive that it almost overwhlems me.

we are so thankful.

jasmine and garrett opened their home for friends and family alike to gather and celebrate the upcoming life of our son, providing food, fun, and love.

we are so thankful.

our child now has a huge assortment of diapers to cover his booty, wipes to make him clean, and some new cute outfits.

we are so thankful.

our bellies are filled, our hearts are warmed, and our dog barks at the (incredibly adorable i don't want to take it apart) diaper "cake" that kanya created.

we are so thankful.

my back seat is STILL filled with so many gifts (and my stack of thank you notes keeps growing).

we are so thankful.


Sadie said...

Do you want to know something terrible? ...
Ok. I didn't write ANY thank you cards after our baby showers. Partly because I didn't even make it to two of them, I was off having a baby, but partly because I am just like that.

ness said...

I'm sorry we couldn't be there, but I know Jonas will enjoy pooping on our gift.

: )