Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the terrors...

so this afternoon i officially freaked myself out all because of a little blood pressure issue.

i know i had mentioned the other day that i was feeling swollen. i'm just going to venture out there and say that THAT swelling was just due to some hot weather and standing around a lot.

and i feel silly that i considered THAT to be swollen.

today, over a period of a few hours, my hands (and mainly) my feet and lower legs have ballooned. because i've also had +1 of protein in my urine for the past couple of weeks (and knowing that mixed along with high blood pressure and sudden swelling) is a very bad thing for pregnant chicks, i went to my parents' house after work to use their blood pressure machine thingie.

i took it a couple of times over a 20 minute period, and it always hovered around 125-130 over 75ish. which isn't bad. but it is considering that my blood pressure is always on the low side...like 100/60.

so after calling labor and delivery, and then being told to leave a message for the on-call doctor, i finally got a call back.

he basically said that i COULD be creeping into some not so good things, but to monitor it tonight. if it gets worse, go into my doc's office tomorrow and get it checked out. if it stays the same or gets better, just wait it out until my appointment on thursday, and then bring it up.

so now i'm just sitting here, feet up, trying not to worry about the dangers of pre-ecclempsia. like that's going to happen.


Sadie said...

I was pre-eclampsic (I don't think I spelled that right) at 39 weeks. I had high blood pressure and had been expertly retaining water for a really long time. That's why I was induced a week early. You guys will be ok, try not to worry too much. : ) I know it's scary, but things will work out. s

Jaye T. said...

Legs above the heart girlfriend! That's the only thing that helped me a few weeks ago when I was dealing with the same issues. :)