Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the real world.

you know, the real world is hard.

there are springs and winters; sometimes the blooms are lost before they even had a chance.

so many people that i care about are hurting right now. there's anger, sadness, mourning, and confusion. things seem to happen in threes, and when it rains, it pours.

like everyone knows, robb invited a storm to come into our lives. and it's hard to welcome that with open arms because storms are big, scary, STRONG, harsh, wild things that leave wreckage behind. recently we've had a series of spring thunderstorms, and they've been impresive.

but despite how scared, how intimidated, how powerful that storm was...i'm surprised everytime i walk out the front door the next day. because the earth, overnight, while winds thrashed, rain poured, and hail pelted our surroundings, is amazingly more beautiful than it was the day before--before the storm had come. the grass is greener, you can smell the freshness of the dirt, the sky is so clear.

and you look at that, and imagine how can anyone say that our God is not great?

we are blessed with a wise and powerful that doesn't always give us the answers because sometimes we just don't need to know everything. He allows heartache and pain, and surrounds us with comfort and love. our God is big and mysterious.

i've always imagined God in two very different ways.

on one hand, i have always thought of God as the wind that blows, scattering the dandelion seeds in what seems to be a crazy pattern that we just can't understand.

and on the other hand, i've always thought of God as this giant child crouched over this play city.

our God is good.

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