Tuesday, April 21, 2009


so, i think that we officially have everything that we "need" for this child to arrive. i mean, i KNOW that there are going to be things that we need (for example, we haven't purchased any sort of medication yet)...but besides that, we have the bulk of it.

last night i did a happy dance when the tubing/valves/membranes for our borrowed breast pump came in. i had been worried that they somehow may not fit or not come in on time, but they do! and they did!

i think it's been decided that the important days of my life in the past year have all been noted with hurricane-like rains. from our engagement photos, to the wedding day (seriously, a DOWNPOUR at the end of june?), to all three of baby showers, it's not just sprinkled, but rained the sort of rain where it physically hurts the skin when the droplets hit.

so, it's looking like rain on thursday. and every day next week. not going to say anything, but come on. the weather gods are against me.

we go in for our next appointment on wednesday afternoon, and i (not so) secretly dream that the doc will take a looksie and say "oh mrs. alexander! it looks like your (insert some beautiful number around 4 or 5) cm's dilated and (insert some number over 50%) effaced. do you want to be induced tonight or tomorrow morning?"

and then i start singing, spinning around like julie andrews in the sound of music.

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Jasmine said...

So. You are going to go into labor, then you are going to blog how you are not ready and your are freaking the hell out. Because, well... that is how things work in your world.

I am ready to see Jonas. I hope he gets an awesome set of recessive genetics and is born with an afro. I am not going to lie. That would make me happy.