Tuesday, April 7, 2009


so one of my friends since, oh gosh...when we were six? just outed me on jonas's name.

jonas asher

do those sound familiar to any of you? go ahead...break them up.

jonas asher

my husband doesn't even know this, but i was filled with absolute bliss when he agreed to these two names together after much consideration and other name combinations because of this:

yes. i am that big of a nerd. because i named my first born after the main character and his best friend of one of my all-time favorite books.

it could have been worse. the name could have been yurtle the turtle.


DeMo said...

I didn't realize Jonas' middle name is Asher (I'm a new reader), but I totally caught it when I read it here. I love love love The Giver. Good choice!

Jasmine said...

Reading The Giver doesn't make you a nerd- because I, ma'am, am not a nerd.

Unless we start talking about X-Men you say? Shut up! You don't know nothin'!

*hands on hips* Hmpph!

Jasmine said...

Actually.... I LOVE the name logan. If I have another boy it will be Alexander Wayne or Alexander Logan.

Logan is Wolverines real name.